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[Chinese shoes Network - Shoes World GUIDE] was founded in the 70s of last century, the Nike company, today 40 years later it seems, no longer a simple sense of brand sports shoes, but a close up Half a century of business legend. Than the prior success, so many people even more amazing, I'm afraid this hook marker is still in a variety of new ways, continue to extend, the interpretation of the previous legend. Nike is the predecessor of the Blue Ribbon shoe company founded in 1964. In 1972, Blue Ribbon officially renamed Nike. In 1975, in order to reduce production costs, Nike Japan's production lines to lower labor costs in Korea and Taiwan, and later expanded to Indonesia and mainland China; 10 years, the rapid rise in the United States, the annual turnover of the mid-1980s, Nike more than 3.7 billion US dollars, occupying more than half of the US athletic footwear market; in 1999, Nike sales have reached $ 9.5 billion, into the "Fortune" 500 ranks, exceeding the original industry leader with brands Adidas, Reebok, was nearly 20 years as the world's successful consumer goods companies. In 2006, Nike's global sales of $ 15 billion step onto the stage, and in 2011, expected to reach $ 23 billion. Performance and brand influence behind the frenzied growth, in the end what hidden mystery? First, the "dumbbell" enterprise operation mode Nike's success of course are many, but the most talked about is its "asset light" business model, almost from the beginning, Nike chose to lower profits, "production processes" outsourced. Thus, not only can freely choose foundries to ensure the lowest production costs, more will have all the energy used in product development and marketing top. This business model, now seems there is nothing puzzling mystery, but at the time, is undoubtedly an unprecedented innovation. Now a lot of shoes and apparel companies cheap jordan shoes for men follow Nike's "dumbbell" business model to outsource production, but "if you want to start a business it's a virtual business must have its own characteristics of the place, so have their own advantages, the advantage in this premise next, can quickly set critical resource, showcased their brand appeal, whether you are on a wealth of knowledge, is exclusive resources worth mentioning, the enterprise itself must have a core basis, companies must have the ability to make their own dominant position in order to effectively implement virtual operation. " It is said that the enterprise was first established, the founder of the Bill & middot; Mr. Bowerman inspiration from his wife's waffles pan, and ultimately design a new sports shoe soles. Today, Nike's product design office is still called the "Innovation Kitchen" (Innovation Kitchen). Innovation Kitchen to most of the visiting guests, even the most Nike employees are restricted, company with a tone of banter in the nameplate on the door, wrote: "Kitchen powerhouse, No Admittance." In this work center with sports shoes as a think-tank, the designers find inspiration from all areas, from the Irish-style building, the arc line on Stradivari violin family made, all-encompassing . Office of the side show of the wall Nike has produced each pair of Jordan basketball shoes (AirJordan), while in the workplace is filled with new sports shoe design drawings. Since 1995, Nike has come up with $ 50 million per year as a technology research and product development costs, from multiple angles biomechanics, engineering, industrial design, chemistry, physiology and other product research. The company also set up a research committee and the customer committees, hire coaches, athletes, equipment operators, podiatrist and cosmetic doctors, jointly review the various designs, materials, in order to improve the des cheap jordans online ign of sports shoes based on ergonomics. Nike also through acquisition strategy to acquire some new technologies, such as the US company Tetra (Tetra), the company specializes in the manufacture of air bag material, those using the technology vibration series of sports shoes to Nike to create in the 1980s brilliant critical. Nike hundreds of researchers, specializing in research work, many of whom have a doctoral degree in biomechanics, experimental physiology, engineering, industrial design, chemistry and various related fields. The company also established a Research Committee and the customer committees, including coaches, athletes, equipment, management personnel and even podiatrists and orthopedic doctor, they meet regularly with the company, the audit of various designs, materials, and thus propose amendments objective. More sophisticated activities such as: the human body motion analysis of high-speed photography, athletes treadmill analysis of the situation, there are plans to make more than 300 athletes, Nike experiments, as well as testing and development of new running shoes and running shoes and improve existing material. Nike for product research, development and testing costs per year are impressive aspect of why the presence of ordinary shoes and Nike shoes essential difference, which is the root cause. Nike's R & D system is not merely a purely technical job. Or, it can be used to flaunt the commercial gimmick. Nike R & D has always maintained a principle, "We spent a lot of effort in research and development technology, because the bad products are absolutely unable to cause an emotional commitment." Founder Knight said, "If sold merchandise are not honest, you know sooner or later." In addition, Nike's product styles, different prices, are not the same purpose, to attract a wide variety of consumers. All consumer groups, w Cheap air jordan 12 ovo hether it is ordinary sports enthusiasts, or professional athletes, have such an understanding: Nike running shoes offer variety is the most complete. Therefore, this extreme portfolio strategy has received very good results, which for the Nike company establish a good image in the ranks of the rapid development of running shoes. The most noteworthy is that, for Nike, product design and development is not to cater to consumers, but to guide. Because consumers will never know, what will be the future of the shoes function, therefore, continue to develop the design of new products is the most important. Second, unambiguous brand personality "Sports, performances, free and easy freedom of sportsmanship" is the pursuit of personalized Nike's corporate culture. This has the distinct characteristics of the corporate culture - the traditional concept of anti-corporate image, by company founder Philip & middot; Knight founded. The inception of Nike, Adidas in the US athletic footwear market will undoubtedly dominate. Nike's management is not strict, but must break the strong belief Adidas entire team together. The company's marketing staff, said: "We will be able to judge instinctively, what is Nike's done, what Nike do not do." Since the Adidas belong to the Orthodox, Nike can be very great importance to recognize those who hated Orthodoxy Athletes, such as Steve Prescott Ting Fang scoffed federation of amateur athletes; "love arguing," the Yi Lei & middot; Nastase, the tennis world is a creepy character. These anti-traditional athletes funded after Nike, Nike company challenging orthodoxy, progressive dynamic image. Excellent brand will find a natural symbol of the brand grow in the interpretation of personalized products up another object itself can not be expressed. Knight believes that teenagers imitate ability, extremely sensitive to the Retro jordans for sale brand, the star character wearing often becomes the object of imitation, so just try to make the most charismatic athletes wear Nike, it will be able to attract a large number of people to imitate the country . Was the greatest world-class stars, red man Nike Jordan excellent grasp of the unique ethos, that is perfect and vibrant style of work. Nike by sponsoring the "first night", but also become the ten million who love sports idol. United States, "Daily Variety" Edit Charlie & middot; Kunis said: "Nike's brand identity and linked to business performance and achieved great success These results not only reflected in the sneakers, but also in many others. aspects, such as the sports superstar marriage, shaping vibrant motion image. In fact, every company should ask yourself, your brand promise to consumers is how the emotion. "Nike sparing no effort in the celebrity endorsements. "Good ideas are not abused star, but good use. Do not let the stars become the product of the props, but to become the incarnation of the spirit and the flesh and blood of the spokesperson of the brand. This is a world brand star victorious use of the road is not bad." Nike NOW is the effective use of a variety of world sports stars, only it is not overwhelmed by shining stars, but let the stars shine forever brand. Third, pay attention to advertising strategy to communicate Although the early Nike ad focuses on the technical superiority of its products, but with Nike will look to invest in the wider general consumer population from the professional arena, the "communication effectiveness" has become the true significance of advertising. 1986, Nike is in a propaganda inflatable insole ads, breaking the usual way: in the new melody for "hippies" of the famous famous Beatles song "Revolution" rebel figure, the group dressed Nike products Americans are intoxicated cheap foamposites to carry out fitness training, ...... the ad accurately meet the winds of change emerging era of fitness and fashion, refreshing. Nike's advertising very successful political reform, the first reflecting the rapid growth of the company's market share: more than Reebok became the new overlord of the US athletic footwear market. Nike's long-term rivals like Nike have the same emphasis on communication style rather than product features, but Nike product style and benefits have been accounted for in the minds of consumers unshakable position. advertising Reform has earned the market and consumers, more importantly, Nike's transformation, gradually mastered the art of advertising communication, to form their own unique advertising ideas and strategies - be dedicated to communication, rather than sales demand . This strategy and the majority of US company's advertising strategy is different. Nike to expand the first breakthrough in the youth market, consumers in this market there are some common characteristics: love of sports, hero worship, Starchaser strong sense of hope that the subject of attention, thinking, active, imaginative and full dream. For this feature young consumers, Nike and Jordan and some other famous have been, the subject of popular sports stars signing, so that they become brilliant film Nike commercial communication "hero." Many people believe that Nike commercial communication technique is the "star offensive" plus different picture, plot. But that is not the case, played a fundamental role in the communication form but not content, is carried out in the advertising heart to heart dialogue with consumers. Nike advertising communication has thus allow consumers to have a strong resonance effect. When Nike consumer groups for sports enthusiasts, their communication content pains to pass such information to the public audio Retro jordans for sale visual; Nike sports world like you are "experts," we all know what happened in the sports world. So Nike ad film show is a real objective of the sports world. Nike ad in the women's market is even more imaginative, magical. Nike than Reebok late into the female market, in part because the Nike Air technology revolution think its advertising theme is for men, and if it was in turn attract women, then the men's market is bound to hurt growth. When Nike in the youth market and a firm foothold male market instead concentrate their firepower to attack the female market. Planners creative programs using self-examination, Ms. Janet Charlotte way to understand the inner world of women, with women and women's "dialogue" as the primary means of communication. Advertising works using a strong contrast of black and white picture on the background highlights are intertwined with one word "no", ad text, full of affection, meaningful tone soft but filled with a touching concern and hope: In your life, people always think you can not do this or that. In your life, people always say that you are not good enough is not enough robust enough talent, they say you will not do the physical height and weight No no, do not make a difference. They always say you can not, your life, they will be thousands of times quickly and firmly say you can not, unless you prove your line. Ads are posted on the women's favorite lifestyle magazine. Ad text is not like a sporting goods sales demands, more like a female heart confession, advertising reflects the true characteristics of Nike ads: communication, rather than a stimulus. This ad was a great success, Nike women's market sales growth faster than the male market. The late 1980s, the women's market, Nike, Reebok's far less than the state, a fundamental change has occurred. essence of advertising is to use creative play Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping and moving, rather than self-confession. Nike shoe company by a simple dominant growth for the industry, from the little-known today renowned the world over, Nike marketing communications dedicated work are great. Fourth, the "synergy matrix" management Nike has been vigorously expanding product line, and added a new sub-brand. Nike basketball shoes original main commodity-based, and later launched golf supplies series, and Tiger Woods as a spokesperson, while strengthening the promotion of soccer shoes to meet the football population increase. Nike has acquired advanced casual shoes brand COLEHAAN, hockey brand BAUER, first name brand sports shoes CONVERSE and slippery board brand HURLY, and let alone the brand-name business, and achieved good results. Nike achievements in sports marketing is unquestionable, but Nike marketing has never stopped questioning. Nike also had to have a few comments to consider: First, with the expansion of the brand, Nike brand is no longer "cool"; the second is spending billions of dollars at every turn Nike style in marketing, exposed the vulnerability of marketing management; Third, Nike in emerging markets, marketing localization is not enough, the marketing is not ideal. Public company As a publicly traded stock, the growth is always pressure, Wall Street only concerned about your future growth come from. Nike's chairman and chief executive officer Mike & middot; Parker (MarkParker) confident: Nike is now facing unprecedented opportunities for development, we have the insight on consumer products into advantage the unique ability, which is becoming Nike important causes of global industry leaders. Parker's confidence comes from Nike's marketing organizational change. Nike brand president Charlie Denson announced that Nike will be marketing organization and management changes to strengthen the core of t cheap jordans for sale he Nike brand and products in emerging markets and consumer segments linked. The implementation of this change, so that the Nike brand innovation as the support from a product-driven business model, and gradually transformed into the form of a consumer-focused organization, through the key market segments worldwide category management, cost-effective rapid growth. Charlie Denson believe that this is a consumer era in power, any company must shift to consumer-centric. This consumer-centric model has begun to play a role, such as in the Nike store now has Nike + iPod sales mix to meet the fashion-conscious young consumers. Nike strengthened to this end four regional operations center, newly established five core products operations center, four regional operations centers are: the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, the five core product operations centers are: running sports, football, basketball, men's training, women health. This is a matrix-style management, the goal is to enterprise resources to critical areas, the core product focus, to seize the largest market business opportunities. Different from traditional matrix management, the key is to realize cross-regional, cross-sector collaboration. In fact, Nike has a successful experience, it is the use of this synergistic matrix management approach, Nike set up a special team, soccer equipment company will market turnover expanded from $ 40 million in 1994 to today $ 1.5 billion. CharlieDenson said: In this way, we can better serve the athletes, better deepen ties with consumers to better expand our market share and achieve profitable growth, enhance our global competitiveness. For example, China's basketball market, to develop synergies by the Asia Pacific operations center and global basketball operations center. In the co-production partner, Nike has taken such a Cheap air jordans for sale pattern: Nike has a "production partner" three strategies, namely the collaborators were treated differently according to the relationship between distance, is more conducive to the company's main products Nike production. The first is the development partner. They manage marketing produce Nike's newest and most expensive "product endorsement", can bear higher production costs. The number of products these companies produce less, they are usually together with Nike to develop products, and carry out joint investments in new technology. Followed by large-scale producers. They staggering scale production of 10,000 to 10,000 products every day, and developed partners will produce 10,000 to 10,000 products. They generally produce a specific type of shoes such as basketball shoes, and is vertically integrated. Nike does not develop products with them, because each company may have to a buyer other production, in order to keep their size. Once again, the development partners. These are the most attractive because of their low labor costs, widespread distribution of assembly locations. These companies are dedicated to the production of Nike, Nike has a strong "guidance" plans to develop into a higher level of their suppliers. To assist in the development of resources and developed partners, Nike and strive to connect the two sides. Developed partners by providing training to some of their own labor-intensive activities transferred to these units to help developing partners. Mr. Zhang Ruimin has said he most wanted to ask Mr. Welch is the question:? How the big companies smaller now personally led by Mr. Zhang Ruimin, Haier ongoing large-scale organizational change, and change quite Nike similar to the core of it is synergistic matrix. Perhaps confirms the old saying: Great minds think alike. Turner & middot; Section Snipes summed up two important q cheap jordans for sale mens uestions: First, the company should be from the customer's perspective to understand their brand image. If consumers think there is a difference between the company's brand and products, it shows that the company's brand image management bias occurred. Second, the customer the impression that the company's brand features must continue to be enhanced. This work has to be done every day, not one week once, nor do when sales decline. If the company can not always make customer satisfaction, and even exceed their expectations, then the brand will never become a famous brand, can not, as Coca-Cola, Disney, McDonald's long-suppressed decay calendar that has become the dozens of brands, although These brands also have had ups and downs. In fact, the brand is like a person, only its core values ??and beliefs remain unchanged forever, before self-achievement. The so-called brand must be "sustained success, creativity and pioneering high intensity, resulting in a significant impact on the lifestyle of the public, while other companies may become the object of study." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre, shoes World Tribune microblogging)Jordan doesn't have any social media accounts, he is not in the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but his image is everywhere, we chose 20 quite delight to share images. source: solecollector "German footwear chain corporation recruitment, sales, front desk, property maintenance, statistics and other general positions, annual salary of 40 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan."......" The advertisement attracted tens of thousands of people to apply for it. Yesterday, the West Branch Trade and industry official said, after a week of investigation found that the Deichman shoes and the German "Deichman graphic trademark" no ", has been a criminal investigation. on Friday, West Branch Trade and Industry Department of the trademark "Deichman trademark" trademark rights complaints of Germany German footwear herridge GmbH & Co. kg, located at No. 136 West Street zoo hub six layer, seven layer of West Beijing Deichman investment Company limited by guarantee without permission in its business premises, outdoor advertising, use a lot of publicity notices complaints registered "Deichman graphic trademark", and the company advertised as related to trademark rights of German companies. as early as one or two months ago, the zoo announced Deichmann shoes in the recruitment of staff, billed as cleaners salary 40 thousand, the annual salary of 80 thousand to 100 thousand sales leader. Because of the high wages and good treatment, it was a German company that attracted tens of thousands of applicants. law enforcement officers after investigations, the business license of Deichman shoe display, its registered name for Beijing Deichman investment Company limited by guarantee, registered in May 29, 2006, the business scope is to provide loans for SMEs, financial leasing, selling shoes, bags, leather goods, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, is composed of three people in Zhejiang founded a limited liability company, without any association with Germany Deichman trademark rights. city law enforcement officers found that the company's behavior has been suspected of violating the "trademark law", "advertisement law" and "Anti Unfair Competition Law" the relevant provisions, a serious infringement of human rights and the legitimate rights and interests of the candidates, law enforcement officers on the spot ordered the company to immediately stop the illegal the behavior, and to initiate an investigation, the case is under further investigation. (Editor: admin)The continuation of previous launched shoes and into the new elements and new science and technology, Nike will present two new Lunar Force 1 Sneakerboot. Just yesterday, the exposure of a Nike Lunar Force 1 High Sneakerboot black students burst glue, this time once again to bring a brown, two new products to cortical Vac-Tech collocation burst crack material and mesh fabric shoes, shoes eyes with metal decoration, with Lunarlon in the bottom and rubber sole. Is expected to be officially on September 13th, love friends please pay attention. 1410315953647_720x450.jpg (26.54 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Lunar Force 1 Sneakerboot dual color 2014-9-10 10:50 upload 1410315953889_720x450.jpg (31.69 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Lunar Force 1 Sneakerboot dual color 2014-9-10 10:50 Nike Lunar Force upload, 1, Sneakerboot 00With many brands launched at the beginning of winter shoes have a single product, announced a new PrimaLoft winter boots series of classic sports brand Adidas Originals day before. This series contains a total of three ZX Casual Mid and two Torsion Trail, the former in the design of ZX series of classic design thinking, and are used in green, black and grey suede with mesh woven material comprising the shoe body, and grid lines with lace detail running shoe ink presentation; the latter in outdoor boots on the contour were used and printed with camouflage texture brown suede suede material produced, and equipped with thick soles outdoor show. In addition, each series of shoes is equipped with the latest brand of PrimaLoft: warm interior, designed to provide users with more suitable for winter sports products. adidas-originals-2014-primaloft-winter-boots-pack-1.jpg (216.93 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas, Originals, PrimaLoft, Winter, Boots 2014-10-23 upload at 10:35 adidas-originals-2014-primaloft-winter-boots-pack-2.jpg (229.42 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas, Originals, PrimaLoft, Winter, Boots 2014-10-23 upload at 10:36 adidas-originals-2014-primaloft-winter-boots-pack-3.jpg (194.85 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas, Originals, PrimaLoft, Winter, Boots 2014-10-23 upload at 10:36 adidas-originals-2014-primaloft-winter-boots-pack-4.jpg (145.81 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas, Originals, PrimaLoft, Winter, Bo〉The day before the network exposed a group of Madden photos, this is the UNDFTD X Air Jordan 4. The Green Suede Shoes material to build, collocation black shoe buckle decoration, and tongue Jumpman Logo selection and the use of orange outline, showing the split form, inside is the name of the famous shoe store Undefeated. But the biggest feature in the tongue, the shoe body with different shades of green building also have to say is a very creative form. 1414J395603210-4c41_resized.jpg (63.52 KB, download times: 24) download attachment UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4 non marketed version of 2014-10-31 upload at 16:39 1414J3954Zc0-19426_resized.jpg (58.67 KB, download times: 24) download attachment UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4 non marketed version of 2014-10-31 upload at 16:39 1414J3955302P-23024_resized.jpg (68.77 KB, download times: 24) download attachment UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4 non marketed version of 2014-10-31 upload at 16:39 1414J39562H10-54362_resized.jpg (52.61 KB, download times: 24) download attachment UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4 non marketed version of 2014-10-31 upload at 16:39 1414J395B22P-D527_resized.jpg (54.04 KB, download times: 24) download attachment UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4 non marketed version of 2014-10-31 upload at 16:39 1414J395564350-3HS_resized.jpg (60.74 KB, download times: 25) download attachment UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4 non marketed version of 2014-10-31 16:3〉

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