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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] A lot of people when it comes to 3D printing will subconsciously associate a name - Jintao. In 2009, when he was 28 years old Jintao, and three high school classmates founded China's first company to provide 3D printing services Ming Chin Network Technology, four years down, it is almost a 3D print of his painting on the equal sign. day of the interview, Jintao was busy for his "magic shop" move, because they need more space. Hall or a white wall, just out of the meeting room separated yet chairs, window dressing too late to clean up. Only another room to work non-stop production lines at the moment, long tables lined up aga cheap jordans for sale mens inst the wall four machines, printing customized model. Next three or four people watching around the product while asking prices and the parameters, they came to visit from overseas customers orders. "We now average a month to sell more than 200 machines, sales increased steadily." Jintao said that two years ago, Mbot first generation of products onto the market when sold less than 10 units a year, and now Their clients include Microsoft, Nike and other well-known companies, Nike's new shoe mold have relied on "print." Products are sold around the world, year in domestic and foreign sales accounting for 50%. wood-frame, open architecture, and the first generation of Apple's prototype somew cheap jordans online hat quite similar, first glance thought it was semi-finished products, in fact, a desktop 3D printer, it is "classic design." The so-called "classic" reference is the world's first company to commercialize desktop 3D printer MakerBot company launched the product, Jintao for their product named Mbot, also pay tribute to the MakerBot. Today, Mbot has launched the second generation, print faster frame from wood became a black metal panels. And Jintao effort to invest in research and development is also mainly third-generation product, "feedback from customers and dealers point of view, they are required to produce bigger, more sophisticated model of the surface of products, which is probably our d cheap foamposites irection." more than a year ago, the initial venture partner has divestment Jintao persevered. "Nothing can take it, can not only technological innovation, you will be a slow to catch up." Jintao said he was not short of money, the venture from her door had not been reduced, but the company is more important now It is technology. A month ago, Ming Chin Technology Europe unit was established in Sweden, is said to cooperate in a very short time to achieve. "Hit it off, simply because the other party can provide technical support." As a new technology of rapid prototyping, 3D printing without conventional molding, mass production, etc., faster, more efficient, and therefore, although 3D printi Cheap air jordans for sale ng for most ordinary people is very strange, but in the design circles, there have been more and more people favor this technique. Such a blue ocean, it will definitely attract more and more entrepreneurs such as Jin Tao added. Less than a year, domestic production companies on a desktop 3D printer more forty-five. Jintao business cards printed in English sentence "Made in The Future" (future manufacturing), on Jin Tao and Ming Chin Technology, this is the goal now, and also their efforts. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT) Taiwan's recent half a year to the World Trade Organization (WTO) technical barriers to cheap jordan shoes for men trade (TBT) committee, a series of new measures to Member States in sixty days to put forward opinions and questions, the European Union reacted most strongly, that the two sides still have quite divergent. according to the Central News Agency, marked from textiles, footwear, plastic pallets and fresh egg reduction, compulsory automobile anti-theft branded code, to the packaging of frozen food nutrition labeling, Taiwan recently informed the Committee TBT intensive trade measures, the EU on the number of measures are in doubt, though the communication between the two sides to discuss the differences, not completely eliminated. the European Chamber of Commerce before the EPA lim Retro jordans for sale it plastic tray criticism and packing box with the draft, not only undermine the development of industry, there is profit vendor specific suspects, relevant regulations more in line with the advanced countries cannot. in fact, the European Chamber of Commerce criticism is only one example; the European Union has also expressed opposition to Taiwan's demand for textile, apparel and footwear label telephone numbers. The European Union has also been unable to accept Taiwan's demand for car anti theft codes, although through repeated consultations and negotiations, Taiwan is willing to be flexible, but the problem has not yet been fully resolved. according to the "road traffic saf cheap jordans for sale ety regulations" one of the seventeenth, Taiwan to determine the implementation of mandatory passenger cars and other fortification identification code, and informed the TBT will be implemented in October 1st this year. While the European Union has formally written to express objections. WTO experts point out that technical trade measures, such as excessive use or improper use, tend to form non-tariff barriers. But WTO members to consumer information, rights or environmental grounds, take strict measures is reasonable, coupled with the lack of universally accepted international standard, TBT caused controversy is likely in the short term is difficult to disappear. WTO is the c Cheap air jordan 12 ovo urrent practice, the member states in the implementation of the new measures before, must first inform the Commission and Member States, member states can put forward comments and suggestions in sixty days, resolve differences through negotiation, if no agreement is reached, the dispute settlement mechanism. (Editor: admin) Macao Special Administrative Region Government in the second quarter "industrial export survey shows that more than half of respondents believe that the price of raw materials is high", "foreign price competition" and "lack" is currently the main problems plaguing Macao export processing industry. surveyed enterprises in Macao orders an average of three point o Retro jordans for sale ne five months, a slight increase of four percent over the same period last year. Have more orders for garment manufacturing industry, three point two eight months; the second is shoesindustry , three point zero six months. market, the United States and the European Union market performance is better, followed by Canada; in other European countries, Latin American countries, Australia the Middle East countries and African countries export markets continued to under orders, the situation is not ideal. : for the second half of this year's export outlook, Macao manufacturers are cautiously optimistic; more than half of surveyed companies think "New Orleans Hornets David West HY Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping PERMAX Nike Hypermax don't note version, shoes outsole design cushioning unit adopts super long Air Max Max unit, such a huge shock and had produced Power Nike Max series shoes are similar, such collocation buffer unit can greatly improve the stability of the shoes, the wearer in jump landing when will the impact of several to minimize. pictures related to this topic are as follows: dwesthdm75478807565269.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: dwesthdm276022967607751.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: dwesthdm375869067592006.jpg this theme related pictures are as follows: dwesthdm475711047575694.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: 67073f7ebf6ea39d623d0ef.jpg Jordan Brand Jordan Legend TR continued to launch new training shoes, the whole feeling gives people a feeling of HUARACHE shoes, shoes with royal blue lace and mesh combination to provide us with a package at the same time feel, with black and royal blue suede heel to stability and decoration, a thick white midsole also take the honeycomb like under the white and blue rubber outsole. The price is expected to be on sale for $110 in October, and friends like you can watch it. & nbsp; early friends fans still speculation James Harden in the face of the $2 billion 13 year contract, will eventually no choice and Adidas signed recently came the latest news, James Harden is no longer entangled, decided to switch to to a new owner, starting from October 1 this year, he will officially become Adidas's signing players, I believe a lot of shoes fans are looking forward to the bearded signature shoe, more developments, please pay attention to the following related reports. (Editor: YOYO) just before we with you introduced happy socks is a new season of shape atlas, now you like socks to match the students recommended this matching socks shoes. Well, you're not wrong, not for shoes and socks for socks collocation, collocation shoes. maybe you think this is Maiduhaizhu story, but actually otherwise, all kinds of single product has the meaning of his existence, and even can be said to is occasionally so to a piece of the do not pay attention to the details of a single product to match it is a very meaningful thing?? HAPPY SOCKS Keds will be a pair of socks collocation shoes design, the overall design is actually the use of the HS's most wonderful use of large dot handle pattern, greatly dot plus red and white blue three color, absolutely let your feet will attract many people's attention, of course, in order to worry that you can not find the right socks, but also a pair of socks to buy socks for shoes or socks for shoes to buy shoes to see your own ideas. Of course, the time is not yet determined, you need to be patient. source: sneakernews ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

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